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Medical Scale Supply & Service offers low cost scheduled calibration and inspection services for long term care, health and institutional facilities in the Houston and South East Texas area.

Scale calibration services
- We will come to your location monthly, quarterly, or annually to confirm all your
scales are calibrated accurately.

Patient Lifting-Device Inspections - All patient lifting devices are thoroughly inspected for safety. Fasteners are tightened and the operation of the device is certified as safe to use. 

Small Appliance and Therapy Equipment - We perform safety checks of your electrical devices. We  tighten loose parts, confirm temperature settings and inspect the cords, plugs and receptacles for safe operation.

Inventory Services - We host password protected service records including manufacturers details of capital equipment inventory.  Easily keep track of all services performed and warranty information of your powered and electronic devices, patient handling equipment and facility control hardware. (This coming soon)